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Credo For Change

BIPOC Mentorship Program

The need for change. Credo recognizes the lack of BIPOC clean beauty brands in our store.
We are committed to changing this.

We founded Credo because we had an unshakable desire to clean up the beauty industry. We opened our first store in 2015, in our hometown of San Francisco and now have 10 stores across the U.S. offering 130+ of the best brands in clean beauty today.

We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the clean beauty movement–an industry dominated by strong, smart, passionate women.

As a founder-led company, we know that growing a business is hard–really hard.

And too often, thought partners that can provide valuable retail business insights aren't accessible to diverse entrepreneurs at any stage of their growth.

The Credo for Change Mentorship program is here to change that.

Our goal is to advance BIPOC-led (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) clean beauty brands in functional areas that will expand their direct-to-consumer business or prepare them for larger distribution in retailers.

Our mission is to transform the beauty industry and to do that, we need everyone. We need fearless founders. Courageous leaders. And curious collaborators willing to share their time.

Clean isn't just about ingredients. From diverse founders to sustainable solutions, Credo for Change is about creating a collective movement for the better. Applications are now open through July 2nd, and more details on the program and how to apply can be found here.

Program Overview

Brand founders that become part of Credo For Change participate in a five month program designed to prepare your business for the next level of growth. During the course of the program, founders will attend virtual workshops, in-depth breakout sessions to focus on opportunities for your brand, and one-on-one biweekly sessions with a Credo For Change mentor.

Our program will focus on providing following key areas:

  • Clean Beauty: why it matters and how to make the swap in your business 
  • The Beauty Business: the strategy and capital you need to fuel your impact and growth
  • Retail 101: what you really need to build a strong retail business (it’s a lot more than you think!)
  • Behind the scenes: from sales education to legal, and hacks to overcome common problem areas 
  • Community: face time with Credo executives, connections with industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs, and network introductions to influencers and funders

In addition to mentorship and support, all participating BIPOC businesses will receive an opportunity to pitch for funding.

Credo BIPOC Mentorship Program FAQs

How do I apply?

Complete the below application by July 1, 2020.

Who is eligible?

Eligible businesses must be founded or co-founded by a person identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color), and at least 18 years old. Our focus is on earlier stage companies that have the most to benefit from this type of mentorship program. If selected, you are ready to commit to the time to attend and participate in the program and classes, and you have access to Zoom.

What is the selection criteria?

We will look at a combination of these key pieces.

  1. BIPOC founder or co-founder
  2. Commitment to clean beauty and formulating to clean beauty standards
  3. Strong founder and/or clean beauty ingredient story
  4. An amazing product, product line or concept in clean beauty
  5. Clear plan or vision for building a beauty business that will be distributed in retail and/or DTC
  6. Committed to sourcing sustainable packaging
Why are you starting the Credo BIPOC Mentorship program?

As entrepreneurs in a small but fast-growing company, we know that building a business is hard work and takes a lot of support. We have always worked very closely with our partners to support brands’ growth. We recognize that Credo needs to do more to support growing BIPOC brands, and are committed to doing so.

If selected and my business has 2 Co-Founders, do they both get to participate?


What do mentorship entrepreneurs receive?
  1. One-on-one monthly time with Credo executives and industry experts for on-going strategic support
  2. Group Zoom classes on functional topics specific to growing a clean beauty brand
  3. Introductions and connections with fellow entrepreneurs, beauty experts, funders and Credo team
How many founders will be selected?

Our 2020 class will be 10 founders.

If selected, does that mean I automatically get carried at Credo?

No, but our intention is to increase the number of BIPOC brands at Credo. The mentorship program could result in being added to the brands Credo carries.

What is the process and timeline?

We will be releasing applications Monday, June 15th. All applications are due no later than midnight on July 1st. Our first session is August 1st - Dec 31st.

Is there funding for the selected brands?

No funds will be given to any brands. Instead, this program is about support, advice, networking, and the ability to engage with our merchant team.

Please refer to The Dirty List™ for all ingredients, which due to safety and/or environmental concerns, we ask our brand partners to avoid using.

How RangeMe works:
  1. Create a product profile The upload process will help you enter all the key info we need to see.
  2. Get Discovered Clever technology ensures you’re showcasing your assortment to the right person.
  3. Get Reviewed Buyers to review your product. You will receive a notification once your product has been reviewed.

Applications are now closed please check back for more information

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